The Peak District takes its name from the Old English word pêac meaning hill. The area has many ridges, mostly north - south aligned which offer a mix of beautiful landscapes and great flying.

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This page gives you the basics of what you need to do to begin flying gliders in our area. Links to the governing body and schools in the area are provided on our ‘contact & links’ page where you will be able to get more complete information.

Learning To Fly

So how do we get from walking on the hills to flying over them!?

The first step is to join a school that is run by a qualified instructor. They will get you to join the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) which is our governing body and this also ensures that you join an approved training establishment.

The school will then take you through your training (two main parts) on hill sites chosen for your level of progress and abilities. they will also help you with the exam components that are required.

A list of schools in our area is on our contact page and and all schools held on the BHPA website can be accessed here A list of UK-based clubs can be found here.

Following Qualification

Qualified Club Pilot - So now you can fly!

When you successfully complete your courses you will become what is known as a ‘club pilot’ and you will be allowed to fly sites. The sites in the UK are run by clubs.

Joining our club will allow you to fly our sites and to take advantage of our coaching team to progress within the sport. In addition, you will be able to access our sites guide which gives detailed information on our sites including grid references, contact information, site rules, any hazards and other relevant information that will enable you to fly safely.

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