The PSA has access to a number of paragliding sites in the Peaks for use by our club members. They represent years of negotiation, observation, knowledge and skill and sometimes hard-won experience.

Many, if not all the Peak sites have demanding characteristics of their own. Members have access to the sites guide and should read it carefully before travelling to a site.

Most of the PSA sites are valley sites, where the site guide states that conditions can get rough in strong winds and/or when the wind is off the slope, this can mean dangerously so! In addition, most of the sites can be wave affected in certain wind strengths and conditions.

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If in doubt about any aspect of our sites, particularly relating to safety issues and weather conditions, seek advice from experienced local pilots or, preferably, a club coach who’s contact details are included on this website.

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Bunster Hill
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  • Height: 1080 (329)
  • Wind Direction: SSE/S/SSW
  • Airspace: CTA class A, 5500 MSL
Cats Tor
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  • Height: 1702 (519)
  • Wind Directions: W/WNW/NW
  • Airspace: Class D, 3000 MSL.
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  • Height: 1463 (446)
  • Wind Directions: N/NW/NNW & SW
  • Airspace: Class A, 5500 MSL
Back of Ecton
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  • Height: 1158 (353)
  • Wind Directions: NE
  • Airspace: Class A, 5500 MSL
Edge Top
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  • Height: 1377 (420)
  • Wind Directions: SW/SSW
  • Airspace: Class A, 4500 MSL
High Edge
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  • Height: 1518 (460)
  • Wind Direction: NE/E
  • Airspace: Class A, 4500 MSL
High Wheeldon
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  • Height: 1384 (422)
  • Wind Direction: SW/WSW
  • Airspace: Class A, 5500 MSL
Shining Tor
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Height: 1833 (559)
Wind Direction: WNW to SW
Airspace: Class D, 3000 MSL
Wetton Hill
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  • Height - FT: 1148 (350)
  • Wind Directions: North/NW/W Grade of flyer: CP
  • Airspace: Class A, 5500 MSL
The Roaches
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  • Height: 1394 (425)
  • Wind direction: SW/W
  • Airspace: Class D, 3000 MSL

PSA Compass Rose

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Interactive Site Map

Airspace Map

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Peak airspace map with site locations denoted by red/white boxes. The map is for illustration purposes and should not to be used for navigation.

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